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Air Boss Tires - Eliminate Flat Tires in Skid Steers & Backhoes

Santing's OK Tire specializes in repairing, selling (retail and wholesale), and installing Air Boss tires, both segmented and solid tire styles. Air Boss tires are technologically advanced tires that enhance performance in large and heavy machinery vehicles and off-road equipment. Air Boss tires are non-pneumatic, which means they do not flatten when damaged so you will never have a flat tire again. Our flat proof tires provide low cost per hour of operation because you do not have to worry about downtime from flat tires.

Air Boss segmented tires provide almost 75% more traction than other tires on a variety of rough terrains and high risk areas as well as asphalt, sand, and gravel. They have longer wear time, they offer superior stability and shock absorption and they are easy to service with their bolt-on segmented design. Air Boss tires are used on skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders, tool carriers, wheel loaders, trenchers, man lifts, rough terrain forklifts, cranes, straight mast forklifts, variable reach forklifts, baggage carts and personnel carriers.

Santing's OK Tire rugged Solid Boss tires are designed for use in high risk areas and on rough terrain forklifts, skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders, custom fitments, wheel loaders and forklifts. They are used in severe vehicle applications such as demolition, foundries, scrap, glass recycling, transfer stations and waste management.



  • Custom and stock sizes
  • Excellent wear
  • For all off road vehicles
  • Custom and standard tread designs
  • Multiple rubber compounds for a great ride
  • No flats
  • Air holes for a comfortable ride
  • Long wearing
  • Easy services
  • Tread segments replaced individually
  • Excellent floatation and traction
  • OE Approved

Please visit our manufacturers' website to choose the appropriate tire for your vehicle's needs or contact one of our expert tire sales representatives for assistance in selecting the best tires.

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