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Automotive Corrosion Prevention & Non-Toxic Rust Protection

Santing's OK Tire automotive specialists use the foremost high-performance automotive rust prevention product available in Canada called KROWN-T40. T-40 is petroleum based non-evaporating liquid lubricant that saturates and penetrates all vehicle surfaces, especially difficult to reach automotive crevices. It is sprayed on the automotive vehicle under high pressure and provides a thin, corrosion-preventing barrier by displacing moisture. In addition, KROWN-T40 provides lubrication for your vehicle's doors and also lubricates numerous moving automotive parts that are generally inaccessible during vehicle maintenance including hidden wiring and electronic components.

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Krown Rust Protection is non-toxic, consisting of environmentally friendly compounds which mean it is safe to use for the vehicle owner as well as the environment. KROWN T-40 is also compatible with other undercoating and rust-prevention products.

Santing's OK Tire utilizes KROWN-T40 on welded vehicle parts that are highly susceptible to corrosion, electrical connections and wiring harnesses, power and mechanical systems such as door locks, windows, and aerials. Krown Rust Protection will improve the condition of your vehicle, and help maximize and increase private resale value.

Any Car Minivan/Small Pickup/Medium Size SUV Large Pickup/Large SUV or for X Large SUV, Full Size Vans, Crewcabs, Super Duty Pickups
$119.95 CAD
$124.95 CAD
   $129.95 CAD
& $139.95 CAD
Mention Code "KRW" and save $10.00!
Mention Code "KRW" and save $10.00!
Mention Code "KRW" and save $10.00!

In addition to Krown Rust Protection, Santing's OK Tire offers a winter salt rinse service for new vehicles using the MR35 salt eliminator which is also available in spray cans. Both the Krown rust protection and salt elimination services come with a lifetime guarantee of keeping your vehicle rust-free as long as it is applied annually.

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