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Carefree Tires - Permanently Eliminate Flat Tires

Santing's OK Tire specializes in various brands, sizes and models of tires. We sell a full range of new and replacement tires for hand carts, wheel barrows and other garden equipment, and lawn mowers. By adopting the latest in micro-cellular polyurethane technology, Carefree Tires will eliminate the experience of a flat tire forever. They are maintenance free tires. You will never have to pay for costly tire repairs or search for the exact size and style of replacement tire, this translates into both money and time savings by eliminating business downtime.

Are you in the construction
or roofing business?
Lawn Service / Golf Courses
using a lawn cutter
Care Free
Wheel Barrow Tires
Never Go Flat!
Care Free Tire
For The High Risk Front Tires
Never Go Flat!
From $77.70 CAD
From $62.16 CAD

Carefree Tires Will Save You Time, Money and Prevent Frustration From Flat Tires!

Carefree Tires also provide you with a cushioned ride that you do not get with solid rubber tires and they do not add significant weight to your equipment or small vehicle. They will not leave damaging marks on the ground and Carefree Tires are oil and chemical resistant. View our selection of Carefree Tires and upgrade your equipment or vehicle today!

Benefits of Carefree Tires:
  • Never Go Flat
  • Maintenance Free
  • Light Weight
  • Non-Marking
  • Oil and Chemical Resistant
  • 100% Micro-Cellular Polyurethane
Santing's OK Tire's automotive staff is SEMA certified and highly knowledgeable in selecting the proper tire regardless of the type of equipment or size of vehicle. Our staff will also install and balance all competitively priced tires purchased from our store. We sell tires in our store directly to our Windsor-Essex County customers and we also sell tires wholesale to Windsor-Essex County automotive garages.

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