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Santing's OK Tire Specializes in Nitrogen Tire Inflation Services

Santing's OK Tire features industry-leading nitrogen tire inflation services. Nitrogen gas is used to fill tires instead of traditional air containing oxygen & moisture because of nitrogen's beneficial chemical properties. Nitrogen is an inert, stable air that is cooler and therefore non-explosive upon rupture providing safety features not found with traditional air-filled tires. Most importantly for the automotive industry, nitrogen is a dry gas meaning it does not contain water or water vapours and therefore eliminates the formation of tire rim corrosion, valve leakage, casing damage, belt corrosion and greatly reduces tire rubber deterioration that is caused by oxidative (water/air) chemical reactions.

Nitrogen tire inflation saves consumers money and dramatically extends tire life!

Nitrogen has numerous advantages for vehicle owners; using nitrogen in car tires will save money because nitrogen has increased fuel efficiency, after two years nitrogen filled tires lasted almost three times longer than traditional air-filled tires, and were approximately forty percent stronger. Nitrogen tire inflation extends tire life by reducing premature tire and tire tread failure due to oxidized deterioration of tire rubber, corrosion of tire rims from water vapour chemical reactions, under inflation of tires and uneven wearing of the tires, and a buildup of heat from increasing pressure.

Nitrogen filled tires can be refilled fully using traditional air if for some reason you find yourself unable to find nitrogen tire inflation services. However, it is highly recommended that you try to schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment to fill your tires with nitrogen as it is most beneficial for both you and your vehicle.

Benefits of using nitrogen versus air inflated tires:
  • Fuel efficiency - approximately 5 - 10% fuel cost savings
  • Extension of tire and tread life - leads to cost savings for expensive tire styles
  • Eliminates corrosion and deterioration of tire parts
  • Enhanced and safer maneuvering of the vehicle
  • Flexibility in tires for off-road vehicles
  • Nitrogen molecules are larger therefore there is slower leakage vs. air-filled tires
  • Improves vehicle ride

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