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Santing's OK Tire Vehicle Maintenance Services

At Santing's OK Tire we offer oil change services as well as safety maintenance inspections on exhaust systems, shocks, cooling systems, tires, gas tanks, batteries and air conditioners. We also inspect wiper blades, lights, fluid levels and air filters. Our trained and highly skilled staff can perform safety maintenance inspections on your vehicle to determine if there are any safety or repair concerns regarding your vehicle.

Safety maintenance inspections performed by a trained professional at Santing's OK Tire involves the inspection of:
  • Exhaust system - muffler, front exhaust, extension, tail pipe, and catalytic converter
  • Shocks - front shocks, rear shocks, and struts
  • Cooling system - radiator, belts, upper hose, lower hose, heater hoses, and coolant
  • Tires
  • Gas tank and fuel lines
Contact us today to request an appointment at Santing's OK Tire for an oil change or safety maintenance inspection.

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