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OK Tire Fall Campaign 2017 - Rebates

OK Tire Fall Campaign 2017 - Rebates
Pirelli Tires - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 1st - Dec 17th
Winter Carving Edge, Winter Icecontrol
Ice Zero FR/ Ice Zero/ Cintaurato
Winter Sottozero Family *, Winter Snowcontrol Family,
Winter Snowsport Family, Winter Scorpion Family,
*Except 270 Sottozero Serie II which is at $100.00
Winter 270 Sottozero Serie II $100.00
Kumho Tires - Fall Tire Rebates 
Oct  1st - Dec 29th      
WP71, WP51, HA31, HA31 SUV, KC15, KW31, AT51,
HT51, ICEWi31, SUV ICE WS31, KC11
$40.00 Visa Prepaid Card

Toyo Tires - Fall Tire Rebates
Sept 16th - Dec 15th
Observe G3-ICE, Extenza A/S, Eclipse
Extenza HP, Proxes 4 Plus, Proxes ST II, Proxes 4,
Observe GSi5, Observe Garit KX, Enscribe CSi-1,
Celcius, Celsius CUV, Open Country WLT1,
Open Country C/T, Open Country H/T & TD,
Open Country A/T II, Open Country A/T II Xtreme
Open Country M/T Open Country Q/T, Open Country R/T
Continental Tires - Fall Tire Rebates 
Oct 15th - Dec 15th
Any set of 4 Continental PLT tires
(Excluding TrueContact)
$65 MasterCard Prepaid Card
Goodyear Tire -  Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 1st - Dec 31st
Assurance AS, Assurance Fuel Max, Assurance(CS) Fuel Max,
Ultra Grip Winter, Wrangler Fortitude HT,
Wrangler TrailRunner
$40 MasterCard Prepaid Card
Eagle Sport  ALL-Season $50 MasterCard Prepaid Card
Winter Maxx & ROF, Winter Maxx 2, Winter Maxx SJ8
$60 MasterCard Prepaid Card
Assurance ComfortTred Touring, Assurance TripleTred AS,
Assurance C5 Triple Tred AS, Ultra Grip Ice WRT & LT,
Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure w/Kevlar
SP Winter Sport 4D/ROF/NST
Ultra Grip 8 Performance & ROF, Ultra Grip SUV ROF
Ultra Grip + SUV 4X4, Assurance WeatherReady

$80 MasterCard Prepaid Card

$100 MasterCard Prepaid Card
Bridgestone Tires  - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 15th - Dec 15th
Any set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires $70 Visa Prepaid Card
General - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 15th - Dec 15th
Any set of 4 General PLT Tires *(Excluding Evertrek/Grabber STX) $35 MasterCard Prepaid Card 
Firestone - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 1st - Oct 31st
Winterforce 2 / Winterforce 2UV $40 Visa Prepaid Card

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