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OK Tire Fall Campaign 2018 - Rebates

OK Tire Fall Campaign 2018 - Rebates
Pirelli Tires - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 1st - Dec 15th
Winter Carving Edge, Winter Icecontrol, Ice Zero FR/Ice Zero/Cintaurato
Winter Sottozero Family*, Winter Snowcontrol Family,
Winter Snowsport Family, Winter Scorpion Family
*Except 270 Sottozero Serie II which is at $100.00
Winter  270 Sottozero Serie II
Kumho Tires - Fall Tire Rebates 
Oct 1st - Dec 31st
WP71, WP72, WP51, HA31, HA31 SUV, KC11, KC15, 
KW31, AT51, HT51, ICE WI31, SUV ICE WS31, SUV WS71
$40 VISA Prepaid Card
Toyo Tires - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 1st - Dec 15th
Observe G3-ICE, HO9, Extensa A/S, Eclipse
Extenza HP & HPII, Proxes 4 plus, Proxes S/T II & S/T III,
Proxes 4, Versado Noir, Versado ECO
Observe GSi5, Observe GSi6 HP, Observe Garit KX,
Open Country WLT1, Celcius, Celsius CUV,
Open Country C/T, Open Country Q/T, Open Country A/TII & AW,
Open Country A/T II Extreme, Open Country H/T & TD,
Open Country M/T, Open Country R/T 
Continental Tires - Fall Tire Rebates 
Sept 28th - Dec 16th
All Other Continental tire (excluding TrueContact)
ContiWinterContact TS860 S, TS850 P, TS830 P, TS810 S
$65 Mastercard
Prepaid Card
$100 Mastercard
Prepaid Card
General Tires - Fall Tire Rebates      
Sept 28th - Dec 16th
Any Set of 4 General PLT Tires (excluding Evertrek RTX/Grabber STX)
$40 Mastercard
Prepaid Card

Bridgestone Tires  - Fall Tire Rebates
Oct 8th - Dec 15th
DMV1, DMV2, DMZ3,MZ03 RFT, W965, Blizzak LT, WS60
(185/65R14, 205/60R15,225/55R16) WS70, (195/60R15), WS80
LM-001, LM-25RFT, LM-25 4X4, LM-32, LM-32 RFT, LM-50 RFT,
LM-60, LM-60RFT, LM-80 RFT, LM-8-EVO, LM-500 
 $50 VISA Prepaid Card
$70 VISA Prepaid Card

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